The Ministries of The Pearly Gate Baptist Church have been organized into the following five categories:

Worship - Evangelism - Fellowship - Discipleship - Ministry

1. We Glorify God through WORSHIP

The Following Ministries are Worship Ministries:

Music and Praise and Worship Ministry
Drama/ Praise Dance and Mime Ministry

2. We Transform People to the likeness of Jesus through EVANGELISM

The Following Ministries are Evangelism Ministries:

Evangelism Ministry

3. We Receive believers into our membership through FELLOWSHIP

The Following Ministries are Fellowship Ministries:

Women’s Mission Ministry
Brotherhood Ministry
Children's Church Ministry
Youth Ministry

4. We Build Up members to maturity through DISCIPLESHIP

The Following Ministries are Discipleship Ministries:

Sunday School Ministry
New Members' Orientation Ministry
Bible Study Ministry

5. We Commit Members to Ministry through MINISTRY

The Following Ministries provide MINISTRY:

Deacons' Ministry
Deaconess Ministry
Jr. Deacons’ Ministry
Pastor’s Aid Ministry
Usher Board Ministry